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Level 3: Essay Writing - Suggested Ages: Essay Writing teaches how to write college level essays. It is designed for the home schooled high school.
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These bad bois were written by the best of the best English tutors including the famous Jordan , and cover everything from essay structure to more comprehensive advice on writing a good thesis. Because there are so many links between the topics, we created a mega guide that covers the skills for all three standards. We start by teaching you the secrets of essay writing, before giving you the skills to adapt them to each assessment. This entire guide covers:. If you order on a weekday, it will arrive the next working day.

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The first thing to do is underline the key words. Is it asking you to talk about a relationship in the text, or is it asking you to talk about a significant relationship? What makes a relationship significant? Define or justify them if need be.

Make sure your idea covers all parts of the question. If required think about the extent to which you agree.

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Each paragraph should have an independent purpose and piece of evidence. They should all link with each other to convince the marker that you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic and that your overarching idea is proven.

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Find out more. Quick Links. StudyTime is an online platform dedicated to helping NZ kids make the most of high school. There is an underlying meaning which the essay has picked out and highlighted. However, she does not and so the essay writer has had to work this out for themselves which takes this beyond the level of description. Instead what makes this discussion is that it picks up on a less obvious aspect of the text and then explores and writes about its implications in greater detail.

Commentary can be described as passing rapidly over text and quickly moving on to the next event whilst discussion involves doubling back and focussing in for a closer study. It must be remembered that you cannot have discussion without commentary. It is a vital preceding step. Level 4: Analysis. Analysis moves the discussion into related, more wide ranging areas.

The outburst here prefigures the moment near the end of the novel when she again has the undoubted satisfaction of releasing the full force of her tongue and telling another person exactly what she thinks of them: this is the climactic moment when she rejects St. John and I scorn you when you offer it. In that sense taking up St. The addition to the discussion level is analytical writing. The main difference between the two levels is that in analysis the close study of one aspect of the text discussion is combined with the establishment of links between that aspect and other aspects of the text.

Therefore, in the above example there is both detailed discussion of the early scene in the book with Mrs. Reed and a series of suggestions which link that scene with other events which occur later on; the rejection of St. John Rivers. Here the passage with Mrs. Reed is a springboard to a series of connections with other events in the novel.

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  • It is not written as a chronological essay working through events in the order that they occur in the novel — instead it establishes its own order based on thematic connections and working with ideas and not events. Other important analytical characteristics of the above passage are:. The episode is both looked at closely on its own and then linked to other areas of the text.

    As such quotations are usually smaller than a single sentence.

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    A good sign that you really understand a text and how the author has constructed it is that you can pick out the subtle, delicate and small language choices that the author has made to create an effect. Remember that you do not have to use sophisticated vocabulary to write analytically.

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    Indeed complex language can often get in the way of the point that you are trying to make; simple and direct language can express quite complicated ideas in a more straight forward way, which is, essentially, the key thing you are trying to do. What is important then, is not really the words that you use but what you say. If you write analytically in the style outlined above you will score well regardless of the language used to make your points.